The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So here are some random pictures from the last few weeks... We've just been hanging out so there hasn't been much to blog about but I do love our wonderfully boring life right now b/c soon it's going to be nuts!! Travis is going to get our tickets tomorrow but we should be flying out of here on the 27th of September! CRAZY!! This has been our life for SEVEN years! Our entire marriage has been in Germany. I'm excited but nervous.

The first couple pictures need a little intro... My sister-in-law Tori got Alexis a princess dress up game for her birthday. You get to put on the jewelry and whoever gets all their jewelry first wins. Well Lex LOVES it! And she especially loves when daddy plays!!! :)

This was after she won.
Travis after HE won! :) Notice he's making her kiss his ring!! HA HA!!
Sweet Ryan.
Sisters. They really do love each other.
Got crack? Hee Hee... Ryan has learned to take her diaper off. When Travis says, "are you ready to take a bath?" Her diaper is half off by the time she gets to the bathroom. Unfortunately this time she wasn't taking a bath. She just decided to take it off. I have to make sure to keep shorts or a skirt on now at all times!!!


Millers! said...

Seriously that picture of Alexis and Travis crack me up! Sooo funny! What is that game called? I have birthday presents I have to buy for little girls.. just email me! Love the updates... good luck with the move.. its a total culture shock...

Cristine said...

That picture of Trav making Lexie kiss the ring is HILARIOUS!!! And how is Ryan so big? I know I see her practically every day, but that picture of her sitting on the stool makes her look like a big girl!

Hayley said...

OMGosh how cute I love the picture of Travis with Alexis seriously priceless! And Ryan with the crack diaper so cute, I love how excited they get when they wanna take a bath/shower.


Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the picture of Travis and Lexie that I made Ryan look at it too! That is hilarious!! Hope your move goes well. I agree with Lesa, and after 7 years in Germany, I bet the shock will be even bigger. I think the pace of life just seems more hectic. Give Baumholder a hug for me. You can hug the welcome sign or something...just kidding!