The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about the difference between a first child and the baby of the family. Ryan is definitely the baby. When Lex was the same age as Ryan I thought she was SO BIG! I thought she could and should be able to do everything. Now that Ryan is almost 2 I think aww she is still just a baby. I really enjoy this age. She understands things and loves to play. Her and Alexis play SO well together that sometimes I feel like when I sit to play with them I'm interrupting and I am grateful for that feeling. Alexis is such a great big sister and now that she is 4 I still think she is so big and could and should be able to do everything so I'm trying to remind myself how I felt about her at Ryan's age and how I will probably feel about Ryan at Lexi's age. So, of course, I was looking at pictures of Lexi at the same age as Ryan and decided I should post some again. So here they are. I liked that they were both laying on the ground... Love my girls!


Cristine said...

Look how little Lexie was!!! Cute pictures!

I think Ry (and Eric!) will always be babies to us since Anya and Lex are so much older it makes the babies seem more like babies. Does that make sense? Anyway.... Your girls are beyond adorable!

Love you guys!

The Grows said...

Clearly Lexi is my only child cause I think she looks so big all the time. She is no longer my baby but a little girl and since she is the same age as Ryan, pretty much, our views are way different. I love how you have all of these pictures where your girls are almost doing the same thing. They make great pictures to compare with.