The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I swear I watch my kids but lately I keep finding them in the cutest ways that may or may not be totally safe....

Ryan's new favorite thing to do! Climb into the sinks. Right after I got her down from the sink in HER bathroom she went right to MINE! I also caught her the other day sitting in the sink with fingernail clippers pretending to clip her toenails. Too cute.

I came upstairs the other day to find Lexie "playing school" She had dumped ALL her baskets of toys out so her stuffed animals could have desks. She is holding a little drawing board with letters on it and note Ry at the back of the class also got to learn from Ms. Alexis.

I found Ryan in the wet wipes and she was wiping her dolls butts!! She kept saying blech as she wiped!! :)

I enrolled Lex in Soccer and that starts next month! She is SOOO excited!! Daddy had to go buy her cleats and shin guards and came back with a ball, net and soccer socks to go with it! She loves practicing.

I just love when Ryan copies Lexie and while they were watching Sesame Street this is what they were doing. I love it in their matching footie jammies with their favorite blankies (or meme's as Ryan calls hers!)


The Mortensens said...

Your girls are so cute! I love that Ryan was wiping her dolls and saying blech. That is too funny!

Cristine said...

Where do I start? Ry is too cute when she is mischevious. I think the pic you texted me was awesome as she was clipping her nails. :)

I love your girls laying in their matching pjs and blankets. Man... I miss them!

And Lex is adorable playing teacher and soccer. I can't wait to see her with her teammates. You'll have to take a ton of pics when the season starts!

Jolene said...

How is it that even when they are in trouble, what they are doing is adorable. So cute - thanks for sharing I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones that act like that :)

Becky Clinton said...

As always, a entertaining and touching post.

Your mutual stalker

The Grows said...

I love your kids and the funny things they do. Lexi makes a great teacher and Ryan is well on her way to being a great baby sitter. You have such forward thinking children. I especially love the matching pj pictures, they are so cute.