The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Snow Day!!!! On Thursday evening I got a phone about midnight. It was a recording saying school was canceled. I was like wait huh? Why? I knew it was supposed to snow on Friday but not till around 8. I talked to Travis and he said one time he was in Atlanta and there was like an inch of snow and the whole airport shut down!! I guess the South just doesn't know how to deal. So Lexi stayed home even though it STILL hadn't started snowing. Around 9 the snowflakes started. Nothing started sticking till about noon (she gets OUT of school at 11:30!) By early evening we had about 2 inches (MAYBE) on the ground. HAHA! By the time the last flake fell, if we had been in Germany, they STILL wouldn't have canceled school. It was hilarious to me. I even talked to a friend who is from Idaho and she said last year it snowed Saturday and there was not a single flake on the road by Monday but they still canceled. I guess I shouldn't say too much b/c pretty sure if Mesa ever got REAL snow the same thing would happen... So we got a snow day. Lexi told me when it snows in GA she's going to call it Germany! Sweet girl. Anyone think she misses Germany a little??

They both had a blast and actually stayed out for an hour even thought it was still snowing. I made them come in b/c neither of them had actual snow suits on and I didn't want them to get too wet. We had a lot of fun in our Southern snow! Oh and if you're wondering YES those are plastic bags taped around Ryan's shoes. Lex had snow boots but I didn't want Ryan's toes to be frozen and hey it TOTALLY worked. Ghetto or not!

And here they are after some nice hot chocolate and changing into warm jammies!!


Cristine said...

I wouldn't call it ghetto... just really creative!

I'm glad they got a snow day even if it wasn't Germany snow. And tell Lex that I miss Germany, too!

The Grows said...

Wow snow. It looks liek you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing.