The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, February 14, 2010


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! Yes, I love to dress my girls in matching clothes. Yes, I like to then take a million pictures of them. Yes, I love to then blog a few of the million pictures. Yes, I then take some of those and scrapbook them. Yes, I am okay with knowing you think I'm silly!

This is CLASSIC Ryan these days. If she doesn't like something she hangs her head and "pouts" it's hilarious!

Copying her big sister.

Blowing Kisses


Cristine said...

Lexie is quite the ham, no? So stinkin' adorable - BOTH OF THEM! My favorite has to be Ry's pouty face. Probably not your favorite, but it is cute to me! Pout away, Ry! :)

Cristine said...

Oh, and I just showed Nathan Ry's pouty face and he said "JUST like Lexie". I forgot about Lexie's pouty face. Miss those girls TONS!!!!


How cute!!! I love making the girls match too! You are silly, but that's why we love you. Your girls are getting so big!

The Grows said...

Yes, I love your kids. Yes, I love seeing pictures of them. Yes, I am glad you post millions of pictures of them. Yes, I wish I was there to play with you. Yes, I am silly too.