The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's been warming up down here in the South!!! The other day I decided it was warm enough to turn the sprinklers on (have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE having a YARD!) Well, it was not the huge success that I was hoping it would be but they had fun anyways and I thought the pictures were cute so here is my post! The water was a little chilly and both my girls are a little bit sensitive to the cold. Ryan wouldn't even go NEAR the sprinkler but she loved being outside in her swimsuit. Lexi gradually "warmed" up to the water and got pretty wet. They love being outside and I love them being able to go out every single day!


Cristine said...

When did you get a trampoline? Was I under a rock? :)

Love the pictures! A sprinkler in our backyard would just make a big mud mess! Glad it is warming up for you and the girls are having fun!

The Grows said...

So you are really starting to make me feel bad. You have posted a blog like everday and haven't posted in months. I swear I am going to get one posted today.

The Mortensens said...

Don't you just LOVE living in a warm place?! I know I do. It's a nice change.

Millers! said...

I Love the green green lush grass that the south has! LOL jk.. I wish it were warm here, 35 degrees taking Isaac to school.. high of 45.. NO BUENO..
Loving all the posts!!!