The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, August 1, 2011


***Warning RIDICULOUSLY long post!!!***

Today my first born turns 6. She is such a sweet girl. I am amazed at how much she has grown and I love watching her LEARN! :) Here are some facts about Alexis...

-She can read just about anything and loves to do it. Especially reading to her little sister.
-She is SO helpful. She doesn't love every chore we give her (picking up after Tucker is her least favorite.) BUT she has recently decided she is old enough to vacuum and she actually does a great job even though the vacuum is taller than she is!
-She LOVES being outside. Especially in the water and has become a little fish in the water. She still asks fairly often if we can go back to Hilton Head and go to the beach.
-She is a little snuggler. If Travis or I are sitting she will try to snuggle with is and then cons us into scratching her back or arm.
-She is also getting really good and math, telling time, and counting money.
-She is all about sharing especially with her sister. Today she got a card from her Great Grandma Carter which had 5 dollars in it. While putting it in her piggy bank she took 1 dollar and said this is for Ryan's piggy bank b/c she doesn't have as much as me. :)
-She told me today when she grows up she wants to be a ballerina or a missionary. I told her she COULD do both.
-She has the most adorable freckles!!
-She has become appreciative of what she has and what she gets. I was especially struck by this while opening her presents at her party. She opened one and looked at it and enjoyed it. All the kids were excited for her to open theirs so she did move on fairly quickly but I could tell she really appreciated them.

Alexis wanted a Barbie party SO bad! It worked out really nice since we had already decided to have Travis build her a Barbie house. Everyone who asked what she wanted we told them furniture to help fill up her house and she was THRILLED with what she got and even more thrilled when she found out why she was getting all the furniture. (She did get things other than Barbie and she loved those gifts too!)

We had 14 kids here and only 5 of them were girls (2 of them being my girls!) but the boys were very gracious about it being SUCH a girl party. Even if we convinced a few of them that it was okay b/c they got to hit a barbie with a bat (we had a pinata.) We played musical chairs (Lexi's special request) to the tunes of Aqua's Barbie Girl and Justin Beiber's Baby. We also played "pin the sunglasses on the Barbie." I totally forgot to take pictures of musical chairs but the kids really enjoyed playing. It was a great party and I am so grateful for great friends. Thank you all for coming!!

Lexi and the set up.
Special thanks to Jess and Mel for taking pictures for me!

This was the sunglass game. Not gonna lie it was a little creepy. HA!

When you have a military dad things get creative. The kids could see with the blindfold I had so Trav being Trav improvised. That is a Barbie napkin stuffed into the mask. The kids thought it was HILARIOUS (except for sweet Kiera who decided masks of any kind are not okay. I don't blame her even in pink Lexi looks a little scary right?!)

This was the pinata and the inspiration for Lexi's outfit AND hair. She wanted just like Barbie.

Ry's turn. I guess I didn't get a close up of the hook Travis put up. Yes a REAL hook in the middle of our dining room. We don't mess around at the McBride's. We go all out.

I seriously LOVE my friends. She was not the only one to pose with sunglasses just the only one I got a picture of! :)

The kids gathering the loot. (I've decided pinatas are the way to go. Kids get their "goody bags" plus it's a game. So fun!)

I put balloons in just to fill up space (the pinata was HUGE!) Lexi was upset when everyone started popping them and decided to collect as many as she could.

Danny rocking his loot.

The barbie cake. I went the easy route. Sam's is so my friend.

Blowing out her candle.

Alexis and Makayla. Of course Ry had to get in the picture.

This is the first year I didn't have to read her cards to her.

Showing off her apron. Isn't it CUTE!

Travis asking her about all the furniture she got and where she was going to put it all?

She wasn't excited at ALL! We painted it white and the plan is to let her help paint and decorate it. I think it turned out adorable and it will be a fun project to do together.

Wylie showing off his tat. (We did get SOME boy stuff! Girls had barbie tattoos.)

After the barbie house was set up in her playroom (she has been playing with it every chance she's gotten!)

One of her gifts was a barbie salon. Not sure who was more excited her or me!

I just love this picture of Ryan.


Cristine said...

The house turned SO cute!!! (One problem... isn't it where Eric's bed should be? hahaha) I love the apron... SO cute! And you can totally tell Lexi was so excited to get her house! Glad she had a good party! I can't believe she is 6! Happy birthday Alexis Marie! Oh... one more thing! HOW SWEET IS SHE???? Giving her money to Ryan??? Beyond precious! Love that girl!!!

Millers! said...

I about peed my pants with the mask for the pinata, I had to enlarge it to see what the heck it was, yah freaky! ha! What a great party, and what a sweet girl you have.. your right, she has the best freckles! miss your face friend!!!