The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, December 10, 2011


As I was going through the pictures from last night on my camera I realized I had a few pictures from a while ago that I had forgotten about.  Ryan started dance last month and she is loving it! (Alexis is doing it again this year too I just haven't gotten pictures of her yet!)  Ryan is in the 3-5 year old group so she is one of the younger kids but her teacher says she is doing just fine. She loves showing Travis and I her "moves." 

Alexis finished another season of soccer last month where they won all but one of their games. She is still working on being more agressive and we have noticed a huge improvement since she started.  She actually gets in there and tries to kick the ball.  She was also one of the youngest on the team b/c they switched it to 6-8 year olds.  She held her own just fine.  I have a few others from games but this one is just one of her getting her trophy from her coach.

Lastly this is Ryan's friend Jakey.  Ryan asks EVERY day if Jake is coming over and Jake asks his mom almost every day if Ryan is coming over.  They play so well together that sometimes it's easier to have them both than just one.  So Jakes mom Lori and I take advantage of that and will often just drop them off at each others houses and switch off running errands that they don't want to do with us anyways.  This picture was one of those days and they told me Ryan was the mom and Jake was the dad.  I just thought they were so cute and Lori said hey at least they're not playing doctor. ;)


Cristine said...

Cute pics! And, um, tell Jakey to back off Eric's girl! hahahahaha


Adorable! Monica had a friend in Albuquerque that her mom and I did the same thing, switching off because it truly was easier to have them together. Even if Katie was at my house, I seemed to be able to get more done with her around because they played so well. Glad Ryan has little Jake to play with.

And can we just agree to keep our girls frozen in time for a bit? They are getting so big!!