The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am quite a bit behind in my blogging...  It's been crazy being back from AZ between kids and church and unpacking and just starting to not feel sick (thank GOODNESS!)  Recently they announced in our ward that we were going to be COMBINING with another Ward b/c that ward's building needed to have a lot of work done to the roof and they would not be able to use their building for 6-8 months.  They are combining us but keeping us "seperate" so 2 Bishoprics, 2 RS Presidencies, and 2 Primary Presidencies.  I don't get why they are doing it this way at ALL but I'm trying to remember they know more than we do.  So it's been crazy trying to meet with the other Primary President and get everything in order...  This Sunday will be our first time meeting all together, should be interesting!

We had so much fun in AZ seeing all our family.  It was WAY too short (like normal) but we loved spending time with everyone including family we haven't seen in over 3 years (Trav's sister and my brother!)  Before I catch up on all the AZ pics (which I didn't take NEAR enough of) I am going back to just before we left Lexi and Ryan had Parent observation day in their class.  We all got to sit in the back and watch. This is Ry's first year taking dance and she is LOVING it.  She talked a LOT during class so I asked her teacher if that was a problem.  THe teacher said it must have been us in there b/c she's never heard Ryan talk so much.  Ryan is one of the younger kids in her class but she's doing a really great job.  Her and Lex love to practice at home.  Here are some pics of Ry showing off her moves! :)

Always time for a silly face.


Ballet (on a side note I LOVE her teacher.  She was Lexi's teacher last year and you can tell she just loves what she does.)

I will try to post Lexi's day tomorrow but even with much more energy I'm still going to bed no later than 10 every night when I can! :)  I also have my 16 week check up tomorrow so I will post a little about that although I have such uneventful pregnancies (in a great way!)  I probably won't have much to say! 


Cristine said...

I love my Ry!!!!! She looks so cute!

The Grows said...

Such a cutie. I especially love her guest move. The "crazy face" a favorite of all dancers.