The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A story from Alexis:

The Big Game

Today at Jim's school they were haveing a big game.  Jim didn't want to go.  Jim's mom was curious.  Jim always liked to go to the games.  Jim's mom asked why he didn't want to go to the game.  Jim found out that the other team had a bully on their team. All Jim didn't know was the bully was sick.  Jim said I'll do my best.  Jim went to school.  The bully was it there!  The bully was mad.  He knew Jim was there.  He really wanted to be mean.  One of the kids on the other team was tasing Jim.  Jim didn't care.  He looked at his other friend.  He said I know we can win.  Jim hoped their team could win.  The game start.  Jim falled the ball rolled toward him.  He kicked the ball.  Jim made the first goal. His team was cheering for him.  the next day a kid from the other team told the bully that the other team won.  At school the bully hit him.  Jim told the coch.  The coch said that the bully had to sit the holl game.  The bully had learned a lesson.  The bully said sorry.  They learned to be nice.  The End.

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