The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, March 22, 2012


A few cute things the girls have been saying... This is more for me to remember how adorable they are and what they say.

Alexis asked me a while ago, "But why do you have that invitation for a baby bath?"

You may have read this on FB, the other morning while doing Lexi's hair (we have the BEST conversations while doing hair!) She was talking to me about Christ. She said "back then." I said back when? She said you know when everything was in Black and White. After I was done cracking up I explained to her that only movies and pictures were in black and white people and things have ALWAYS been in color. HAHAHA. She was geniunely surprised. I love kids!

After not taking a nap this afternoon Ryan came downstairs and said she was done sleeping.  I said but did you sleep?  She said yes mom.  I asked her honest (this is our code word for you HAVE to tell the truth.)  Again she said yes.  I told her to go to time out b/c that is lying (I KNOW she didn't sleep.)  After time out we talked about it and she told the truth then we talked about lying.  All of a sudden she GRABS her nose and yells, "BUT MOMMY I DON'T WANT MY NOSE TO GROW BIGGER!!"  HAHAHAHA I was cracking up.  She watched pinnochio a few months ago and I guess it stuck!  So cute.


Cristine said...

I love your girls!

Brad and Erica said...

You've been blogging up a storm! I love it!! Your kids say the funniest things - I couldn't stop laughing when I read Alexis' comment about everything being black and white on facebook the other day. And SO funny that Ry thought her nose was going to get bigger. I love those girls!!

The Grows said...

I love hearing what they say. So fun to get a glimps into their funny little minds.

Millers! said...

That is hilarious! invitation to a baby bath. that does sounds kinda silly doesnt it:)!