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The McBride's

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is not a normal blog post but I decided I wanted to write it down for people to see and for myself b/c I realized I should do my homework a little more often when it comes to my health.  For those who don't know I have something called Factor V Leiden Mutation. Yes it sounds super odd but is actually more common that people realize.  It's a blood clotting disorder which basically just means I am more prone to blood clots.  It's also hereditary meaning either my mom or dad HAVE to have it.  Neither of them have been tested but I'm fairly sure it's my dad b/c he has blood clotting stuff in his family... 

Back in 2006 I had a PE (pulminary embolism which is a blood clot in my lung.)  I was on coumadin (blood thinner) for about 6 months and then was taken off.  As long as I don't have any other clots I won't have to worry about it but if I do I more than likely will be on coumadin for the rest of my life.  However, I also can not be on any sort of birth control which is has a risk of blood clotting as does pregnancy...  So with both my pregnancy with Ryan and now David I have been on Lovenox (also a blood thinner but this one is a shot that I have to give myself every day.)  It's a pain really and it makes me considered "high risk" for pregnancy but as long as I do my shots I'm pretty much fine. 

With Ryan my doctor induced me about 10 days early so that I was sure to be off the Lovenox for 24 hours (because that's how long it stays in your system.)  I thought that this was due to bleeding.  If I had to have a C-Section or anything my blood is thinner so I could have complications.  While this is true it's actually not the reason I was induced.  This doctor told me if I go into labor while on the lovenox I can't have an ephidural ( all you natural people are great but I want the drugs!)  I finally asked Trav to help me research this and he found out that if I have an ephidural it could cause bruising in my spine (makes sense b/c thinner blood means more bruising you should see my stomach from all the shots!)  BUT that could cause paralysis!! 

Needless to say I am hoping to wait till Sunday so I can just be induced but if I start to go into labor naturally before then I will not be having an ephidural unless it's been 24 hours since my last shot!!!  This has all been super interesting to me... Maybe not to you but that's okay it's my blog.

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