The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Finally a blog post of David!!  After having contractions and thinking I was going to go into labor for 2 whole days we finally went in for my induction on Sunday morning.  I was just anxious to get it going!!  We got there about 6:30 and got all settled in.  They checked me and I was almost a 4 already and contracting like crazy but not feeling anything more than a little tightening... :)  They started the pitocin and pretty soon I was feeling the contractions.  The doctor wanted me to get an ephidural before they broke my water b/c he thought for sure it was going to go fast once we did that.  I got the ephidural and then he broke my water.  I was not feeling a thing! :)  That was about 1 pm.  At about 1830 they checked me and said I was an 8 and it should be just a couple hours.  By 1900 I told Travis it was NOT going to be a couple hours.  I told them I think they needed to check me again.  The nurse looked down and said OH don't sneeze I'm getting the doc! :) After getting the doc and pushing through 2 contractions sweet David Wayde was HERE! His birthday is June 17, 2012 at 19:33.  He weighed 9 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches and absolutely perfect!  I am so thankful for three beautiful wonderful children! 

The girls are in absolute LOVE.  They both switch off who wants to hold him.  They always want to touch him or kiss him or love on him.  They are being great big sisters.  We have no shortage of help, love, and support from all those that are here in GA and those that are far away! :(  My dad comes into town tomorrow night and we're looking forward to visiting with him and Ruth!  There are a TON of pics but let's be honest you all knew that was coming.  And some of them are sideways and I can NOT figure out how to flip them...

Heading into the hospital VERY pregnant!  I told Trav today I know my belly is still big but I FEEL so skinny! :)
Right on to my chest.  Loved him from the first second.
In my opinion he looks JUST like Lexi when she was born.  Ry looks like them a little too but I think we have another miniTravis!
Sweet snuggle bug
Just to prove I had a 9 pound baby!
First "bath" at the hospital.
So handsome!
Happy Father's Day you got a son!
First glimpses of baby brother.
They did not like the pricks on his foot!
She doesn't looky happy at all right?
Ryan's turn!
Hanging out waiting for me to be discharged.  They were snuggling while watching cartoons!
David is already to go home!!!


Millers! said...

Ok seriously I love Lexis face in the picture that Ryan is holding David. she is like squealing with joy! Congratulations, and your right, he does look like Lexi, he is beautiful, love the cheeks, the blonde hair! Great Fathers day Present to Travis! xoxox

Cristine said...

He is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!! And he is definitely Trav's twin! Love you all so so so so much! Oh, and Lex & Ry look thrilled! :) Can't wait to meet the new addition and Eric & Anya can't wait to see him, too! Every day they ask if I got a new pic of David and then when I show them they saw "Awwwwww he's SO cute". The Holtgrewes are IN LOVE!!!!!

Sew Blessed said...

OH Monica!!! He is soooooooooooooo adorable! Good job mama! Miss you and can't wait to meet him in a couple of months!!!!

The Grows said...

Wahoo for David pictures. The girls looks so happy and you look way to good for having just had a baby. You are one beautiful mama with three beautiful kids.

The Grows said...

Wahoo for David pictures. The girls looks so happy and you look way to good for having just had a baby. You are one beautiful mama with three beautiful kids.

Brad and Erica said...

I love how big Lex and Ry's smiles are! Comgratulations! I can't stop sming for you!