The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I told Travis we should do something fun Labor Day weekend since he actually had 3 days off.  We decided to head up just past Atlanta to Stone Mountain which is a pretty cool theme park.  The biggest attraction is a Mountain made out of granite with a carving in the side.  There was a ton to do and the kids (and Trav and I had a blast!)  Besides all the things I have pics of there was a barn where they could run around and play and a 4-D movie that we went to.  There was actually quite a bit more to do that we didn't even have time for!  Great family day!
This was mostly what I saw while pushing David in the stroller or wearing him on me. :)
Sweet Girls getting ready for the Duck ride.
The Duck ride is a military vehicle that can drive on land and also on water.  They gave out the most ANNOYING duck whistles ever that the kids loved!
They made us put a life jacket on David which I thought was so goofy since if he fell in he wouldn't be able to really keep his head up anyways! :)  He also got in on the duck whistle.
The kids were really excited to get to drive the vehicle on the water.
Lexi's turn
They also had this climbing area with water everywhere the girls got SOAKED but it was so hot I was glad it was there.
The skyride to the top of the mountain.
On the top of the mountain.
mini-golf.  Alexis even got a hole in one!
Teaching ry.
This is in front of the carving and also right before the laser and firework show started!


Cristine said...

OH MY GOSH... I LOVE that pic of the girls on the top of the mountain! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

The Grows said...

Apparently it has been forever since I have looked at your blog. I love it though cause I have got to see so many fun pictures.