The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ryan has been talking about taking the "big girl bus" and going to the big girl school since for going on 2 years now!  I think she mostly wanted to do what her big sister was doing but I'm happy that she's so excited about it!  When we got to the bus stop she could barely contain herself and when the bus came she RAN to get on it and barely even said goodbye.  She is such an outgoing, easygoing, sweet girl. I am also enjoying the mornings with just David and I but when she gets home I am very happy she's home!
I just love her!

She taken cues from her sister obviously!
Love my girls.
Her backpack seems bigger than her!

They BEG me to make silly faces EVERY time I take pictures!
She gets to go to school with her good buddy Brady and she has been SOO glad to have there (and so have I!) Not sure what this expression is... :)  I love this picture!
And she's OFF!


Cristine said...

She looks SO big!!!! Tell her to stop growing! I can't wait for her & Eric to go to school together in Hawaii!

The Grows said...

She is getting so big!!!!!