The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Lex had a vision screening at school a couple weeks ago and she suggested we get her eyes checked so I made an appointment and sure enough she needed glasses.  She was SO SUPER BEYOND THRILLED EXCITED to get glasses.  Since she has to wear them all the time now I am so glad she feels that way! :)  They said it was going to take a week to get them in but they came in a day early so off we went.  We got 2 pairs and Lex picked them both out.  I'm sorry but seriously ADORABLE! :)
Pair 1 (these are my favorite.)
Pair 2 (Trav's favorite)
Ryan trying them out.
Wearing them to school today.  She said FIVE people and her teacher told her she looked cute. :) 


Cristine said...

Love them!!!!! The pink ones are my favorite (shocker!). Tell her she looks SUPER BEYOND ADORABLE!!!!!

The Grows said...

She looks adorable.