The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's so fun to have friends and family (and friends who ARE family) come to visit.  I am so glad Theresa decided to come so I could meet Lincoln and she could meet David before we go to AZ next month.  We actually did pretty much nothing the whole week and it was FABULOUS!  Theresa acts like she thinks it's apalling that I love to match my kids and take pics but she didn't put up much of a fight when I said we needed to do it with all 5 kids so I could have a picture to put up on my wall in Hawaii! :)  Unfortunately, we forgot till the night before she left so it was getting late...  We got a few good ones but it was quite the adventure to get all the kids looking and smiling at the same time!!  By the end I'm fairly sure all of them except Alexis had cried! HAHA!
Linc and David.  It's amazing the difference between a couple of months in babies.  Next year we probably won't even notice the age difference but Lincoln is crawling EVERYWHERE and David is still kind of a blob (which I hope lasts for a while!)

Look at their eyes!  Both beautiful blue but totally different blue!
Love these boys!

We started with excited smiles!
Maybe a little TOO excited?

There are some pretty girls.
Now the real fun began...  Cute except David looks scared and Konnor maybe trying to squeeze Linc's head a little.
She lightened the head sqeeze here...

BAHAHAH Poor David and Konnor isn't thrilled here either...

Everyone's not looking but hey no one is crying...
And this is where we chose to stop taking pictures.  HEEHEE! I love my best friend, her husband, and her kids!

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Cristine said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! So glad she was able to come! Love the pics!