The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Second on the agenda was Koko Head.  Koko Head was on my mind for a while.  Travis did it (twice) with his work, then Bryatt did it (2.5 times) when they came to visit, then Cristine and Nate did it!  I couldn't be left out and this was the time to do it!  It was tough I'm not going to lie.  It is 1,048 UNEVEN steps to the top. I say uneven because that makes it harder to get into a groove while you're going up.  The elevation gain is 1,200 feet. Totally worth it.  Great work out with great pay off views.  Someday before we leave Hawaii I am GOING to go up it twice in a row just to be cool like Trav!
From a distance

From the bottom.  The pictures do not do the steepness justice! :)

This is the "bridge."  I was nervous as you can see others were also.  The railroad ties are not stable and there is a good drop below you.  I went on it going up but on the way down it started raining so I decided to cheat and went off to the side a where you can kind of hike around the bridge (the bridge is only about 20 steps or so.)

So worth it.  Glad we got going early because it got HOT!

Hawaii Kai.  SOOO pretty!!

More of Hawaii Kai. I have mixed feelings on living this close to the water! That's also Diamond Head in the far middle of the picture.

Koko Head Crater

Hanauma Bay (I love this view but I am so excited to blog theviews from when we hiked the ridge of Hanauma Bay with the kids!

A little panoramic!

Love this man.  And so happy we are on this adventure called Life together!!

Who's doing this with me twice next time??

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