The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ryan is self proclaimed mover and talker (her exact words!)  So going into Kinder I wasn't sure how she would do.  It's hard to sit still all day for a 5 year old much less a mover and talker 5 year old. ;)  She has done SOOOO well in school! I am so proud of how well she is doing.  I was even more excited that her second month of school she was picked as student of the month!  Her teacher says she absolutely LOVES to help and is so sweet to other kids (I also just had parent/teacher conference and she said she loves to help so much she sometimes has to be told to let the other child do it themselves too!)  This little 5 year old has surpassed all expectations.  She is loving school and life in general!  We love you Ryan!!!

She's not at all proud of herself!

My girl!

Needed one of David looking like a big boy!

She got to leave school a little early and go for a treat!

Lexi benefited as well!

I may have no son.  How can he not like ice cream people??!

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