The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I will give Cristine complete credit for this fabulous find!  Na Kama Kai' is a non-profit organization that helps Hawaii kids be aware of ocean safety and conservation.  They do this clinic about once a month and it's completely free!  What an awesome experience for our kids to have while living here.  The clinic included, ocean safety, learning how surf boards used to be made and trying to sand them themselves, learning to surf/stand up paddle board, going for a canoe ride, learning about oceans while drinking their jamba juices, and getting to blow and pop ginormous bubbles at the end.  It is the greatest thing I have ever seen.  The kids could not stop talking about it and couldn't wait for the next one (which we did again this past month and are signed up again for one this month!)  These experiences are things I hope my girls NEVER forget!
They have groups every hour and this was our 9 am group.

Sanding a surf board wtih sand and rocks!

Oh no bigs just surfing.  All in a days work in Hawaii.

Ryan didn't stand up but she had a great time and did get up the last time we went.

Oh yes we are riding in a canoe.  It's just how we roll.

Bubble time!

And what David was doing.  Trying to drown!  By the way the age for this clinic is TWO!!  Less than a year and he too will be on a surf board! :)

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