The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, April 18, 2014


It's no secret that I have the coolest, sweetest, greatest friends on the planet.  Everywhere we go we meet the best of the best.  I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful families and thankful for the modern technology that makes it SOOOO easy to keep in touch!  The Laessle Family was in Hawaii before Georgia so when we found out we were going to Hawaii they pumped us up even more to get here because they LOVED every minute of living here. Needless to say they had to take their family vacation to come back to visit before their next PCS (which is to ALASKA!) They stayed in a military hotel on the beach so we basically spent as much time as they let us with them at their hotel! They also had a bbq with us, Holtgrewe's and some of their other really good friends from when they lived here.  It was  a great week and I sure hate when visitors have to leave! This was the beginning of January.
Obligatory THEY'RE here selfie in the car! HAHA!

These 4 are fabulous together!  Lexi and Ayden we're in 1st grade together and Ryan and Brady we're in Pre-K together till we left GA.  They didn't miss a beat. 

I just love them!  It makes my heart hurt looking through these again!

BBQing (which was also Whale watching later on!!!)

You try getting 10 kids 8 and under all looking at the camera at the same time! (Ryan is hiding behind Eric!)  We had so much fun!

The girls! (Emily, Cristine, Dianna, Me)

I know this is random but it was at the bbq and she is just so cute!!

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