The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


These pictures do NOT do these waves justice.  These were the biggest waves in Oahu in over a decade.  We were in the car for over 2 hours to get to North Shore to watch for about 15 minutes only to turn around for 2 more hours and go home.  And is was worth every minute.  The kids even agreed it was worth it!  It was absolutely breath taking and I could not believe my eyes.  Such a wondeful experience.  The best part was where we were standing we should have been completely safe from the waves but the waves came all the way up to where the cars were parked and Ryan and I both lost our shoes!  (We got them back.)  Thank goodness I was holding David and was with Nate and Cristine so Nate grabbed Lex while I had to chase Ryan who was chasing our shoes.  I happened to be trying to record when it happened and it's short and choppy b/c I was chasing Ry but I think it's hilarious so I'm sharing anyways!

After we were attacked by the wave!  Our car was parked here too!  Luckily it was all fine and we left shortly after this!

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