The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Travis left less than a couple weeks before my birthday (the big 3-3 I'm not scared!)  I think because of that everyone decided to try and make it the best birthday ever!  It even turned into a 2 day event thanks to the mad babysitting skills of Nathan Holtgrewe.  My birthday fell on a Sunday so I woke up the girls homemade flowers complete with poems, notes, and a glass vase.  I went to church and got some beautiful Birthday Leis (thanks Krystal and Courtney!)  After church Cristine cooked me dinner and a cheesecake (maybe my new cake for every year I love me some cheesecake!)  The next weekend Nate watched all 5 kids and Cristine and I had a girls day complete with manicures, pedicures, and lunch.  Then met up with some other great girls for dinner and a movie (DIVERGENT!)  I also can not say thank you enough to all those who texted, called, facebooked, and told me in person Happy Birthday.  I have some fabulous people in my life.  It was a great birthday!
Fantatstic gifts from the girls. They had it set up like this when I got up.

Showing off my leis (and my never improving selfie skills.)

No we did not have to call the fire department.

Mani/Pedi time!

Movie Night! Thanks for coming Brooke, Lindsay, Ashley, Aleisha, and Cristine!

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