The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've posted about Na Kama Kai before and their awesome (all volunteer completely free) kids program before.  I try to go to as many of these as we can and I always get giddy for my kids and the experiences they are having while here in Hawaii!  David has been too young everytime (they say not till 2) but the last one we went to they told me if he will get in the water they will take him!  He has no fear of water so I had to sign him up!  Oh my gosh he was so adorable out on that paddlle board!  He had so much fun and he had plenty of older kids out on the water being encouraging and excited for him.  We are so blessed!

Sanding a surfboard.
The volunteers are absolutely amazing!  She just took David and left.  He whined for like a second and then was thrilled to be out on the water!

Heading out!

Look at him paddle!

I had to put a pic of Lex in there.  She is getting better and better!

Of course also one of Ryan who is perfectly content letting her volunteer just paddle her around!!

Getting ready to head out on the boat (no pics because they went so far out!)

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