The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, September 5, 2014


Lexi had a great third grade year!  Her teacher Mrs. Liu was fantastic and Alexis loved her.  She loved school so much she refused to miss any days the last week of school even when I begged her because Nic and Dak were visiting (those posts up next!!)  I'm so proud of what a great student she is!  Also to be honest, this was taken at the end of summer because I didn't get to her classroom in time the last day.  Also why there are no pictures of her with her friends!
Lexi and Mrs. Liu
 Ryan loved her Kindergarten year.  She made lots of  new friends and LOVED her teacher Ms. McCormick.  She's come so far in a year and although she was ok missing a day the last week of school she REFUSED to miss the last day of school.  Super proud of my super Kindergartner!

Ryan and Diego!

Ryan and her sweet friend Merri!

Ryan Ms. McCormick

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