The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, October 3, 2015


There were a few things we were excited about moving to El Paso.  One of them was we decided we were ready to own our first house!  We found a great house on a great cull de sac!  Even better now that we are here we have realized there are at least 20 kids around the same ages as my kids!  They all love to be outside and it's turned out to be a great neighborhood to live in!  Plus I just LOVE our house!!  It's exciting to live in your first brand new home!  These are the pics Trav sent me when he did the final walk through and I'm just in love. I have lots of things I love about my house but probably my favorite was all the bedrooms are upstairs and so is the laundry room!

Master bathroom/closet

Kids upstairs bathroom.

Our upstairs loft (which is our tv/family room.)

Downstairs living room which is our more "formal" living room.

Love my kitchen!

Backyard before

After we got some landscaping done!

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