The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Ever since Alexis did a race with me Ryan has been saying she would like to do one too!  So we found the Fort Bliss Turkey Trot 5k and signed right up!  Unfortunately, it was a bit cold for us (Ryan doesn't like the cold just like her mama!)  So we started out running but there was quite a bit of walking and a little bit of complaining (Seriously our hands were numb!)  BUT this girl pushed through and she finished strong!  She did admit later that she mostly wanted to just go to breakfast with me (and she chose Sonic instead of my norm Denny's :)) I'm so glad my girls are willing to do some races with me so I don't get lonely!

And after rocking our finishers shirts! :)

This was the end and she was running her little heart out!  (See the lady with the scarf and sweats?  It was for real cold!

All smiles with her breakfast!

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