The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I think my favorite Holiday to spend with the Holtgrewe's is Thanksgiving (probably why we had a tradition of Father's Day Thanksgiving so we could have 2 a year!) Or maybe because that girl Cristine can COOK!  Or because Nate smokes the best turkey I've ever had in my life.  Or maybe just because we've spent so many together we have so many great memories!  Either way we drove up to Santa Fe this time and had a perfect Thanksgiving long weekend!!  These are random and out of order but it is what it is...
"Preparing" the turkey.  Travis is so helpful.

These kids put on all sorts of entertainment for the grownups!

I love these 2.  Note Tucker is on Tara's bed and Tara is using a throw pillow. HA!

How these Army tough men play cards when it's a bit chilly.

Ryan decided to pull her tooth out while we were there! :)

These 2!  Oh I wanted to be mad that they are SEVEN YEARS old and had a marker war with each other but as you can tell from their expressions we couldn't help but laugh (and ground them from coloring for a while...)

No idea what this one is playing.

This girl took me out on a date to the movies!! :)

Lunch at the famous Dion's (DELISH!)

5 of my favorite kiddos!

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