The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, February 20, 2016


February seemed to be all about Ryan!  For good reason of course!  This time was the math bee.  First, they did a math bee in just their classrooms then the top 2 from each class went for the whole school.  Ryan won the one from her grade for the whole school!!  I was so impressed and that meant she got to go to the district math bee!  She ended up getting 6th place in the whole district and I feel like that is definitely something to brag about!!  What a rock star this sweet girl is!!
Math Wiz Ryan!

Travis was in the field but I sent him tons of videos and he was super proud of her!! Lexi was cheering for her the whole time! (They had it in a separate room so we just watched a live video feed which is great for nerves!

Ryan's awesome teacher showed up to support her and she was so happy!! She loves Mr. Rodriquez!

He even brought her a gift and she took it to school for a while to play with her teacher!

You better believe we took her out for some ice cream afterwards!!

We also picked up her BFF Emma after to come over to play (this was partly bc it was her birthday the next day and she really wanted to play with Emma!)

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