The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Ryan is 8!!  This 8 year old girl is so fun to be around.  She loves to dance and sing.  Her love is fierce and sometimes hurts.  She LOVES to talk (no idea where she gets it...)  She loves to play with anyone who is up to play.  She is SUPER easy going and can be cheered up in 3 seconds if she's sad or upset (which is also rare.)  She seems to prefer math over any other subjects in school.  She loves soccer and being outside.  She is such a joy in our house and I'm so glad she is ours!!
Waffles and Strawberries!

We held off her presents for a few days so the Holtgrewe's could be here with her! 

The many faces of this silly girl!

Her cake of choice.  A cheesecake from Costco.  DEFINITELY my kid!

McGrewe love!!!

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