The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I had my ultrasound today at the Germany hospital. I was really disappointed with my visit. The tech just wasn't very friendly and I didn't get any pictures. I'm really hoping my visit Friday with my regular doctor he'll give me another one with some pictures. So the big news...

The tech wasn't really sure about it b/c the baby was facing the wrong way but she thinks... IT'S A GIRL!!! :) So Alexis will have a baby sister!! We're really excited but I really want a double check before we start buying all the fun stuff!! :) The great news is the baby looks perfectly healthy and that is the most important thing!! :)

Alexis is doing great with potty training. We have yet to move on to the nightime or naptime with out a pull up but the daytime is going really well!! She has so much personality and of course a little flare for the dramatic (I have NO idea where she gets that!! :) ) She loves her daddy time and is a healthy, happy, normal 2 year old little girl. We love her to death!!

Travis is still training for Ranger school and also is in a school for his rank. I am just enjoying the second trimester of pregnancy and staying busy with church and of course Alexis. For those who may not know yet Alexis and I bought our tickets for sure and we WILL be there in December!!! WOO HOO!!! That's the latest update on us!! Please send us updates when you get a chance we LOVE reading them!!!!


Jttrobins said...

YEAH!!!! How exciting! Alexis is going to be a wonderful big sister and Travis is going to be putty in another little princess's hand! Glad everything is going good and that the baby is healthy. Can't wait to see you all in December!!!

Nathan, Cristine, and Anya said...

So excited that it's a girl!!!! :)

Mortensen Family said...

how exciting!! glad you're all doing well too!