The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So I had another Doctor Appt. on Friday just to go over the ultrasound stuff and my doctor decided to make me cry instead of giving me another ultrasound!!!

I started by telling him I knew ultrasounds weren't for pictures and to find out the sex BUT I was really bummed b/c they didn't give me any pictures and Travis wasn't able to be there. Plus they were REALLY unsure on the sex so I was wondering if I could get another mini one?? (The ultrasound machine was sitting right there by the way!!) So he goes on for the next TEN minutes about how this makes him upset and really angry and Americans want what they want when they want it and they want it all for free (huh?) Then he said the someone of pediatrics doesn't really know the exact amount of ultrasounds that is safe for baby (hello I know TONS of docs do them at every appt and it's shown to be pretty safe!) THEN he says hey we get what we pay for right? That was the best part. He's MILITARY!!! So basically since I don't pay a monthly payment that means I don't PAY for insurance. Travis going to Iraq every other year and being shot wasn't enough payment. I'm basically just going to a free clinic...

I was so near tears I was biting my lip to hold them back. He really went on about this all during checking the heartbeat and the measurments and basically my whole appointment. I was just dumbfounded! All he had to say was NO I don't really do that. That was all!!! So I went home and changed doctors and now I have the same one I had for Alexis (who I LOVED by the way but thought this doctor wasn't all that bad. I was WRONG.) So my next appt is right before I come to AZ and if he doesn't do an ultrasound (again I understand them saying no it just didn't need to be so many words about it) I was thinking I could just go pay for a cool 3-D one or something while I was in AZ...

Sorry to sound upset but I was really upset!! Travis is going to report it all to the right people and my new doctor is the head of OB so I was thinking I may talk to him about it too. (I've heard other complaints about this doctor from friends so hopefully we can do something about it.)

Anyways, everything else really is great!! The pregnancy is going great, LExie is as cute as ever. Travis is still preparing for Ranger school. We are excited to see you all at Christmas and I hope you all got the pics of Alexis I FINALLY sent out!!!!!


Heather said...


What a dorky doctor. I had let me see about 15-19 ultrasounds with Kennedy and she is just fine. What a dork. Plus the fact that Travis is over in Iraq and you are a single mom, he could have a little respect!! Sorry he was so rude. But, I am sure you will be happy with the switch of doctors.

The Lindsey's said...

What a crappy Dr!!! I would have been so upset at him. He should have been upset about the ultrasound tech being a retard and made up for it!! It's not like it takes more than 2 extra seconds. I would definitely pass the info on to the other Doctor- especially how rude he was and inconsiderate. Those 3-D pics are sSSSOOO neat!! We did them with Bennett but not with Jordan- I wish we did with her though. They're great.