The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, September 29, 2008


Coming Clean... Well once upon a time I HAD a dear friend named Lesa but then she tagged me with this... Take pictures of THESE things only rule NO CLEANING. Due to being gone for a month and then Trav being here and then my friends Theresa and Bryatt being here my house is NOT looking great. That being said I had already planned on this week being a "fall clean up week" (I swear I'm not making this up ask Cristine AND Erica I had JUST told them!) Oh well it's not like I'm a dirty person so it's really not terrible... Oh and I'm only teasing you, Lesa, I still love you!

Pics of what the children are doing... Well since I picked up my camera as soon as I saw Lesa's blog they were already in bed. So sweet and innocent!

The laundry room. It's a hard room to take a pic of but there are my military washer and dryer in all their glory! :)

Inside the fridge. Luckily I had just gone shopping b/c honestly if you saw it LAST night you would have worried that I didn't feed my child. :)

Favorite room in the house... My bedroom, of course, especially when Trav is home!!

The closet. Okay this I worked on TODAY. It looks a million times better. We just have NO room in this house. Too much crap not enough closet space!

The toilet. Random and you probably didn't need to see that!

The kitchen sink. Okay so it's not perfect but it was late and I had just had Cristine and Erica over for dinner so it's clean but there are CLEAN dishes all on the side...
Fave pair of shoes. Right now it's these. They are SOO comfy and I'm a flipflop-a-holic. My poor husband hates it!

Dream vacation: Now I realize it says dream but let me just brag for a minute and say I've BEEN on my dream vacation! I LOVE living in Europe. It's a toss up between Greece and Italy. I would one day also like to go to Hawaii just to sit on the beach...

Me in all my glory.
Oh so now I'm suppossed to tag people... The problem is I don't know if anyone else will do it... Oh well lets try and get some of my wonderful family in here... I tag Tara (I want to see where you live anyways) Tori, Traci, (let's see the new house!) I really want to tag Erica and Cristine but I know both your blogs aren't just random blogs (cooking and kid!) but maybe you just send ME the pics! :) Come on ladies I did it!


Millers! said...

GOOD JOB MONICA... I loved it! I totally know that you do spring cleaning every week... you are so OCD! LOL... Love ya!

Anna Allred said...

NICE!! Snf you look GREAT by the way!

The Lindsey's said...

Crap!!! I might just cheat though... We'll see =). I'll do it though- sometime- but I might not play by the rules =)