The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, September 29, 2008


So I decided to try really hard to keep this updated and these are totally random but too cute!!! Like I said Lex is OBSESSED with dress up so Saturday she decided Ryan needed to be a princess too!!! She is SUCH a great big sister and loves Ryan to death!

On Friday Alexis decided to start throwing up... She only threw up 3 times but she was running a low fever all day. Friday night she got into bed and she just looked so sweet with her flushed cheeks and tired/sick eyes. She really was a trooper and I'm sure she didn't mind the FOUR movies she got to watch! OH and the way I first realized she wasn't feeling well was she didn't go straight for her dress up basket first thing Friday morning. Poor baby girl!

This was just taken yesturday before church. Can I tell you how much I LOVE playing dress up with my girls?? They're just so cute!

On another totally random note... The other day we pulled into our parking space and I was getting Ryan out of the car when Lexie said, " eight zero two three I counted right mommy." I said no honey that's not how we count. So she said it again. I said where do you see that baby? She kept pointing and I couldn't figure it out so finally I took her out and had her show me and she points to the side of our building. Our building number is 8023 (Duh.) I was so proud! It was the first time she was recognizing the numbers outside of us doing school!! YAY LEXIE!!!


Millers! said...

SO SO cute.. I love dressing Ashlynne up for church too.. so much more fun than the boys... but I have to keep up with their cute outfits also!

Anna Allred said...

How beautiful are your girls?!!! Poor Lexie, I hope she is feeling better!!