The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A couple weeks ago I tried to get Alexis into German "kindergarten." They call it kindergarten but it's more of a preschool. Well they weren't taking any more Americans and when I told Alexis she was SOOO bummed!! So I decided to put her on a waiting list for the preschool through the Post. (Also due to the "encouragement from Travis. I was willing to keep her home a while longer.) They told me it could be a while to get her in to the AM program but all the other activities (swimming, gymnastics, etc.) are always in the afternoon so I wasn't going to put her in the PM program no matter what. Well what do you know a week and a half later they had an opening. She was SOOO excited to be starting "big girl school" b/c all things big girl are way cool in her book! So on Monday she started school and what a great first day with the real firetruck and firemen coming to visit!!! She had a blast and while I'm a little sad that she is getting older I'm so excited for her and proud of what a good girl she is!!!

All ready to go!

All ready with her back pack and of course being a goofball!

At school. She looks a little nervous b/c she was but once we got in there and she met her teacher she said bye and I left with no problems and best of all no tears!!! What a big girl!!


Chris and Tara Andrus said...

But she's too YOUNG for big girl school!!!! I can't believe how quick all these kids are growing up, and I'm missing it all! Are your Christmas plans set yet? I am still yet to meet Ryan ya know! :)

Brad and Erica said...

Yeah! Tell Lexi that I am so proud of her. I think maybe you need to add another verse to your song... you know what one I am talking about... wooh! wooh!

Millers! said...

OH LEXIE... She is so big and so beautiful! isnt it crazy how fast time goes... you have beautiful Girls!

Cristine said...

Yay for Lexie! Glad she is having fun!!!

The Lindsey's said...

Yeah for Lex! I can't believe she's in preschool already! I guess Jordan kinda is too but that's different =). Give both your cuties hugs for us.

Hayley said...

How lucky are you that you were able to get her in at the CDC? LUCKY! I am glad she likes it, I am thinking about doing this for Noah too, I know he would love it.