The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have officially been in Germany for SIX years! When I first got here I remember Travis picking me up from the airport and we ended up in an Umletung (detour) so as we were "exploring" Germany for my first time ever I got to experience my first REAL fall. Obviously in AZ we have 2 seasons... Hot and HOTTER. So, fall has become my favorite season. I love the color of the leaves, the leaves falling on the ground, and the weather that is cold but not quite that bitter cold! Cristine and I have been wanting to get pics of all 4 kids since Eric (her new baby) was born almost 5 months ago. Perfect timing. Our friend Erica (fabulous photographer if you're interensted e-mail me for her info!) chased after our 4 kids along with her cutie pie, almost 7 month old daughter Annika. They turned out adorable even if the girls were too excited running around and the babies were a little on the cold side!
These first couple Erica did not take. I did from my car but I just love the trees!!

She just LOOKS easy going don't you think??

I have ALWAYS wanted a picture like this and I always forget and of course Erica was the one who thought of it!
The pack of children. Keep in mind this is who I will be traveling with to AZ when we come in Jan/Feb. All SIX of us!!!! :) Aren't they all just adorable and can't you just tell EXACTLY who the sibblings are!
She really is getting big and she is SOOO much fun!

These girls are such sisters in every way (except the actual birds and the bees way ha ha!) They fight like sisters and they love each other like sisters!
Sweet McBride sisters!


The Mortensens said...

I love the pictures. The leaves, the dresses, and the cute kids. Erica did a really great job!

Robinson Family said...

Taylor asked me the other day if it was "fall" and I replied "yes"... " so where are the leaves mom?" Obviously we don't know what a 'true' fall is. Your girls are beautiful and growing up sooo fast! Can't wait to see you guys in February!

Brad and Erica said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love taking pictures of your girls, and I will do it again, anytime! I also love fall; especially on days like today when it is sunny. Maybe I will call you right now and see if you want to go on a walk today... By the way, I am going to send you edited pictures and give you a CD. I am just waiting for you to tell me which pictures you like best. Otherwise, I am just going to have to pick them for you.

Cristine said...

Those are some cute kids!!! :)

Fawn said...

Monica, your girls are just so beautiful! And what fun pics!

Millers! said...

OH MONICA! your girls are Gorgeous! I so wish I could see you when you are in town... how long are in in the states for? love the pictures!!!

The Lindsey's said...

Great pictures! I love the fall. I can't believe you've been in Germany for 6 years! That's crazy. And that's so good that you're able to enjoy it with such good friends, and that they have kids that get along with your kids is even better =)

BrittenyGrow said...

Your girls are so dang cute. I can't wait to get back to see them. I finally started a blog you should go check it out.

McCormick's said...

Hey how do I know what my http address is for my blog? I thought it was one address and it is not pulling up that way lol. Yeah I am not remembering how all this works! I miss Germany so much! I have never forgotten how beautiful it is there! I miss you guys!
Des and family

whokerrs said...

Those kids have GREAT genes!! When I was on the phone with Traci the other day, I heard Bennett say in a very concerned voice, "Mom! The leaves are all falling off the trees!" Arizona thru and thru.

Anna Allred said...

I love the pictures! I wish your photographer lived here... I'm going to have to steal her poses and do a few pics on my own camera. And where do you find matching clothes for Ryan's size and Lexie's? I can't find anything the same for Monica and Leah!!

Your kiddos are adorable and I especially love the picture of Cristine's kiddos and yours. Love it!

Anna Allred said...

P.S. Is that the road to Idar-Oberstein? Nostalgia!!! Hey, if you get a chance, will you take a picture of the sign guy's house for me? I always wanted to but never stopped to actually get out and get one.