The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know I'm a blogging FOOL!! :) My cousin called to tell me that Schnepf Farms had a day where we could get in for half price b/c her mom is a resident of Queen Creek so I decided we couldn't pass it up. Everyone always told me it was really expensive but I think I spent about 20 bucks including all the rides. I guess a lot of the rides cost extra but they changed it to where most things were included. It was a really fun afternoon and next time I want to go earlier so we can get more in!!

The cousins after getting their faces painted.
Ryan's didn't last very long but she got a kick out of it.

Petting the pony. She saw the pony and kept asking if we could pet it. I would have let her ride it but it was extra and cost as much as it did to get in! :) SHe was perfectly content getting to pet it.

Feeding the goat. No pics of Ryan b/c it knocked her over as soon as we went in! Unfortunately, we went to a couple more petting zoos after that and Ryan didn't really want to be put down. She was good just looking! :)
Yeah this slide was huge and neither of them wanted to go by themselves! :)

The roller coaster. It totally freaked Lexi out but once we got off she was ready for more rides!


Ryan loved the bee ride!

SIlly sweet cousins.
We went on the train ride at the very end. There were people dressed up (since Halloween was coming up) and they kept popping out to scare the kids. My solution? I told Lex to scare them back. It totally worked!


Cristine said...

Can you keep posting a blog a day? It makes me feel like I am not missing EVERYTHING!

What a fun trip! I have never heard of this place before but it looks like the girls had a blast!

The Grows said...

Wow, I think it is actually going to let me post a comment this time. With that said.....I totally agree with Cristine, a blog a day sounds like a great idea. I just love seeing all the pictures of you guys. It makes it feel like I actually get to see you once in a while.