The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well it's December 2nd. Thanksgiving has come and gone and I'm just getting my Halloween pics up! Oh well I didn't take any pics of Thanksgiving so this just about catches me up! HA HA! We had quite the entourage trick or treating this year. I really wanted to take the girls to my sister-in-laws husbands parents neighborhood b/c they have a TON going on. Lots of people out, decorations, cotton candy, homemade root beer, and, of course, candy. Josh grew up in the area too so he knows everyone and it just seems safer and FUN. So we met up with them there and were joined by Bryatt and Theresa, some of their friends, my mom, my dad, and his wife Ruth. It was quite the group and I think the girls had fun.

Oh and let me back up a bit and say FIRST we went to Macayo's for dinner. That was my Treat for Halloween!

Alexis found out her cousin Taylor was going to be a cheerleader so, naturally, only a cheerleader would do for her as well. I planned on Ryan being the football but last minute found an adorable Cardinals cheer costume for 4 bucks. I couldn't pass it up...

They all had a blast and they were all adorable. 3 cheerleaders, Dorothy, (with her little Toto) and baby tinkerbelle. I love when the girls get to be around their cousins!

Trick or treating

Cheerleader and Dorothy

You will see the many poses of Lex... 2 adorable USA cheerleaders.

More Posing

I love when she cheeses even if she looks a little goofy!

So many girls!!!

After they were done (note the younger girls are anxiously holding their candy!)

The loot!

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Cristine said...

Great pics! Lex is such a poser!Looks like you all had such a great time!

P.S. Nathan says you need to update your "About me" section on the blog. :)