The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had such a great Christmas! The girls slept till their normal time around 7. We all got up and went downstairs. Santa had hidden their stockings so they got to look for them. Then we all unwrapped presents. After that we ate homemade cinnamon rolls (Trav had made them the day before YUM!) Both girls got movies in their stocking so we decided to put on their movies and Trav and I laid on the couch (I talked on the phone and Travis slept. Just like normal!) The rest of the day the girls played with all their new toys (THANK YOU EVERYONE!) and outside on their new swingset and trampoline. My favorite part of the day was when Lexi told everyone on the phone that she got a PARK for Christmas! We are the best parents ever right? We enjoyed being in our new home TOGETHER and having a wonderful day. I feel like I didn't take enough pictures b/c Alexis got quite a few new barbies and I didn't take a single picture of them? Well I'll just blame it on enjoying the day and not thinking about pics. :) Hope you all had a great Christmas too!


Opening the movies and play doh from their stockings. Both of my girls LOVE play doh!

Trying out the new swingset.

Even though it had rained the day before that did NOT stop Ryan from going down the slide 500 times. Thank goodness Grandma Kerry gave them different pajamas to change into after they were done outside so we could continue our lazy Christmas.
Loving the trampoline.

She really was super excited but she had on flipflops and her feet were wet so that was the end of Lex being outside. Ryan on the other hand had to be dragged in kicking and screaming LITERALLY!

Hugging straw bababa berry!

My Little Pony. The girl is obsessed!

Just love this one.

Her new A necklace.


Cristine said...

It looks like Ry liked the carriage. :) Man... I wish I was as cool as you and bought my kids a park! I'm glad you guys had a merry christmas!

P.S. Send me a text of Ry saying meatball! I will send you one of eric saying caterpillar. I love our kids' crazy words!

The Grows said...

Wow, how did I miss this post. It looks like your girls had a great Christmas. Can I have your park when we finally get a house?