The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, March 12, 2010


I was SOOOO excited when my friend from Germany, Britteny, told me she was coming to Atlanta for a few days!! She asked if we would be able to come for a few days and I didn't even have to think about it! We got there on Sunday evening and got home late Tuesday night and I swear I barely sat for the entire time we were there!

Our first stop was the Atlanta Zoo. It was a great time. The weather was beautiful and the kids were great! Britteny's friend Cindy came also with her 2 girls so we had quite a bit of estrogen going on! You wouldn't believe how many people stopped to talk or watch us with our parade of girls! I, of course, didn't get enough pics of Britteny and I but we took a TON of the kids!! We enjoyed being with our friends!

Watching the flamingos. (Ryan, Alexis, Noel, Alexia, sweet baby Taylor not pictured! :) )

Our little kangaroos

I love my girls!


Ryan's turn!

Baby birds!

Baby birds ready to eat!

All the 2 year olds had a blast getting into trouble! :)

Talking to the goat.


She loves being like her big sister!

Playing with Britteny.

Her favorite the panda (you have tolook hard behind the glass!)

Brushing the goats.


Cristine said...

What great pictures! I love them all and I am so glad you and Britteny were able to see each other (although I wish me and Erica could've been there, too!). I love the sea of girls... LOTS of estrogen! :)

The Grows said...

Well, there were definately enough girls in our group. We had such a great time. I am so glad you were able to come to Atlanta with us. It made the trip so great. But, I miss you already.