The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, March 20, 2010


A few days ago I was talking on the phone to Theresa. Alexis came over with a Strawberry Shortcake book and said, "Look mom we can make a Strawberry Shortcake cake. We just need flour, eggs, and strawberries." That's all that was on the picture. There was also a recipe that Alexis thought was a list. She's always talking about lists for some reason (I swear I only write lists occasionally!) So after I got off the phone she told me, "mommy, here is the list for the Commissary of everything we need for a cake." (yes, she said Commissary. Do I have a military brat or what?) She was so cute and insistent I decided we had to do it. Since it only required flour and eggs I decided a white cake mix was in order. I also got whip cream for our frosting. This is our finished product. She even helped me cut the strawberries with her big girl knife (a butter knife!) She was so excited. Sometimes it can take so little to make a kid happy! SO worth it!


Cristine said...

My heart is swelling with pride. Another little chef. :) LOVE IT!!!

Our Family said...

Okay, that just makes me super hungry! Looks delicious. Kennedy loves to cook too. We got her a few aprons she can wear and she loves to work the mixer. I just always have to help assure the flour or powered items stay in the bowl :)