The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday they had a Spring EGGstravaganza on post and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Trav is taking a weekend class for school so it was a great way to pass the time.

The morning started with an Easter Egg hunt for 18 months-3 year olds. Ryan probably had no idea what was going on but I was excited for her! They had a big roped off area so when they said go Ry and I ran out there. She had a couple in her basket and was getting into picking them up. I pointed a couple out to her and all of a sudden some teenager swooped in and grabbed them. I looked back and saw she was with her mom and 2 year old sister and had about 50 eggs in her basket. Then I moved to the next couple and showed them to Ryan. SAME teenager grabbed them all. Okay seriously. I was so annoyed. So I had to say something. I mean come on this is for the kids let them pick up their own! So I said, “can you please let the KIDS pick up some of the eggs.” I was not nice and I’m sure they were cussing me out as they walked away but we went on and Ryan got about 10 eggs and was perfectly happy! J

Lexi’s group was next and she did great all on her own. She was running and grabbing and having a blast. She got about 10 also and was completely happy. After the egg hunts we got tattoos, jumped on the bouncy houses, made bracelets, played the “egg roll” ( they used golf clubs to hit eggs down the lines,) and got to see the Easter bunny. Alexis even gave her (it was a her she was PINK!) a hug all on her own. That has NEVER happened! We had so much fun and the girls really enjoyed the morning.

We spent the entire rest of the day outside. Alexis had another soccer game and she did even better this time with chasing the ball and getting in and trying to get it from the other team. The rest of the day was spent in our backyard. Before I had kids the weather really didn’t affect me. I never cared that it rained all the time in Germany or took advantage of nice days. NOW I live for them. Nice days mean happy kids playing outside and windows rolled down in the car. They mean active children doing active things and not cooped up in the house. I am so happy for Spring to be here. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

My clown

"Egg Roll"

Hmm Lex may be taking after her daddy in the sports area!

Concentrating on her braclet.

The finished product!

Ryan's braclet (okay I made hers and she was happy!)

She made Ry a little nervous. I was surprised b/c she usually loves that kind of stuff. I think maybe it's the age!

Lexi on the other hand had NO problem!

Their tattoos.

Happy sisters waiting in line for the bouncy castles.

Lexi's loot.

Ryan's loot.


Cristine said...

Oh my goodness!!! Lexie HUGGED the bunny? I think I need to pick my jaw up off the ground. :) Way to go, Lexie! Great pictures, Monica. Glad that you guys are enjoying some nice weather!

Our Family said...

I just love your girls! They crack me up and Ryan is so dang cute! You are such a good mom they are so lucky!