The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes there are a TON of pictures for just a lost tooth but she has been so excited to lose this tooth since she realized it was loose like 2 weeks ago! She told me the tooth fairy was going to bring her 5 dollars and a whistle (no idea where that came from...) Well we were fresh out of whistles so she got 5 dollars, a lollipop and a note from the tooth fairy (that said 5 dollars is only for the first tooth after that 1 dollar per tooth. The tooth fairy doesn't want to go broke!HAHA) She was thrilled so I guess it was okay! Showing how loose it was. I am so my mother's daughter b/c it took all I had to not gag. Bleck it grosses me out!! Thank goodness daddy was home and I just had to take pictures.

Daddy working it a little bit (and getting the blood out of her mouth from so much wiggling.) HAHA No more wiggling! Trying a different appraoch with some dental floss. She really wanted to try to do it herself.
She got it! I was shocked that she got it by herself. So cute. (Umm and I HAVE to mention that you excuse her ratty look. We had been with friends all day and she was playing HARD so she has that sweaty play look! :))
Opening her envelope from the tooth fairy.
Very excited little girl! :)


Cristine said...

Man, don't tell Anya that the tooth fairy paid more for Lexie's first tooth! We just did $1! :) Lexie is so cute and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how excited she is! I can't wait to see her this summer!

Millers! said...

OH MY GOODNESS 5.00! what a nice Toothfairy, she hooked you on that! Smart little girl.. she is just gorgeous.. sweaty and all.. it just means she is having tons of fun!!!

The Grows said...

Wow I wish we had the same tooth fairy when I was a kid, she pays well. Congrats Lex!!!!