The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, May 23, 2011


I got the video from Lexi's dance recital. This is just a little clip I recorded with my phone off our t.v. but I've had a couple people ask to see it so here is a little bit. Alexis only has school till Thursday and then SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER (yes I'm singing it in my head!) I am so excited for this summer. Lazy days, pool days, beach days, vacation with my in-laws in Hilton Head, and the Holtgrewe's are coming to visit us in July! Plus a possible visit from another friend and Lexi's sixth birthday! I have grown to love summer possibly more than when I was a kid in school!

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Cristine said...

LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!! Lex did awesome! And WOO HOO for summer and a visit from the Holtgrewes!!!! And, why does the fact that you wrote Lexie's sixth birthday freak me out? I realize Anya turned 6 three weeks ago but somehow seeing that Lexie is turning 6 forces me to accept that our girls are growing up. Whoa... that went fast!