The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today was Lexi's last day of school! At the beginning of the school year I know I said, "wow I have a kindergartener." Now I have a kinder graduate (ha!) I am so proud of Alexis and how well she did in school. She learned so much and my favorite thing is that she can now read HERSELF books. You wouldn't believe how happy she is about that too! :) Definitely the daughter of 2 readers!

Now on to some bragging. This morning they had an awards ceremony for all of Kindergarten. For her class she recieved an award for Academic Excellence, (showing student mastery in the classrom) Citezenship, (Setting a Great Example of Leadership and earned by one girl and one boy in each class) Honor Roll for the 4th quarter, and a certificate for earning Honor Roll all 4 quarters. I was so proud and you could just tell she was so proud of herself.

I had a parent/teacher conference with her teacher on Monday and she told me how proud she was of Alexis and all she has done and specifically told me how all the kids in the class really look up to her. They want her to help them read, they want to play with her, and she is really sweet to all of them. I'm so glad that she has learned not only academically but socially as well. She also told me she is doing great in all areas including reading at a second grade level.

One more thing I have to write down is what her teacher wrote on her report card... She said, "Alexis is an exceptional student, she is so eager to read and learn about the world around her. She finishes the year with a Developmental Reading Score at level 22 which means she can read almost any book she picks up. Her writing is superb, she gets her thoughts down on paper in a legible way and far exceeds all KDG standards. She's been recommended to participate in the gifted program and is promoted to First Grade for the year 2011-12.

Heading to the bus stop for her last day of school. I loved going and looking at her first day of school on my blog (and on a side note I'm wondering where the heck that shirt is that she wore b/c we still have the skirt but no shirt and it would still fit her!)

The bus stop crew! I will miss seeing these faces every morning and afternoon. We have a great neighborhood and I know I will see them at the pool a LOT this summer!

Random. Ryan and her friend Jake. I have no idea WHY they thought this would be fun but they did it for a few minutes before I realized I have my camera take a picture. She loves her friend Jakey.

Awards Ceremony.

Happy with her medals and awards.

Getting her Kindergarten diploma.

Alexis and Ms. Walker. Let me say right now how much I (oh and Alexis) LOVED her teacher Ms. Walker. She was firm but sweet and I thought she was a WONDERFUL teacher. I actually asked her if she could just move to first grade but she sadly said no... :) I pray Lexi gets great teachers like this every year!

Don't forget the teacher aide Ms. Febres. Lexi had her as an aide in Pre-K and was so excited that she got to spend another year with her.

And then of course Ryan didn't want to be left out. We will probably be leaving Ft. Benning by the time Ryan goes to Kinder but IF we are still here I PROMISE we will be requesting Ms. Walker!!

Another great thing Ms. Walker does every year is plants a garden and they go out and garden every once in a while. All the kids were very proud of all the things that sprouted.


Cristine said...

Okay, so I know I told you this all on the phone but I am SOOOOOOOO proud of Lexie!!!!! I love all the pictures and love that she had such a great year! Please give her a big hug and kiss for me! LOVE YOU LEXIE!!!!!!!!!

Cristine said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that Ry's belly bump with her friend is ADORABLE!!!

The Grows said...

Wow!!! Lexi sounds like she is still the amazing kid I remember. There is a reason Anya and Lexi are best friends, they are both such amazing kids. She is so smart and so cute. I miss her so much. I miss all you guys. On a side note, I hope you find the shirt. :) Oh, and I love the Ryan belly bumping.