The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, January 13, 2012


These next few posts are going to be out of order...  While we were in AZ the girls were SUPER excited to go to Grandma Kerry and Papa's cabin up in Pinetop.  In fact at one point Ryan said she did NOT want to go to AZ at all.  Lexi convinced her by saying, "don't you want to go play in the snow?"  HAHA Doesn't everyone go to AZ to play in the snow? :)  The weather was PERFECT for what we were looking for.  It snowed the day before we got there but there was a LOT of snow and it warmed up quite a bit so it was perfect for playing in. 

We went out quite a few times but a lot of the time the kids just enjoyed playing with their cousins and making all sorts of noise IN the cabin.  We had 19 people in one house and all in all it was a great time with lots of playing, laughing, gaming, and relaxing!  Thanks again McBride's we LOVED being all together for Christmas.

Lexi getting out in the snow.

Bundled up Ryan.
Lex and Pyper were the first to throw themselves into the snow for some snow angels.

Snowball fight!  Tay and Lex.
Ryan just wanted to throw them at me!

Then there was the fun of eating the snow.

THe girls LOVED sledding.  This was the third time they had gone.  Trav pushed Lex the very first time and the snow was a little unstable so she flipped face first.  She was not happy for a while but did end up going down again and having fun.
Haha She did't even want pics!

Ryan on the tube.  Travis and I bought this at Walmart on a whim and it went SO fast down the snow!  They all loved it!
Just proving Lexi DID get back on. :)

Before shower that night.  I'm going to call this proof of a fun day.  Banged up from flipping on the sled and she has yellow paint on her eyebrow from a craft we did.  Poor kid!


Cristine said...

Oh my goodness... Poor Lex! But it looks like she still had fun! Glad you guys were able to go up to Pinetop and that you had a great time!


I love Ryan's big purple gloves! And I think people totally travel to the desert for the known snow. You know, all that precipitation it's known for. LOL!! I was joking that part of the reason we moved to Las Cruces was for the palm trees, which usually means no snow. But we got a good snowfall too. Crazy! Anyways, looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I love seeing all your pictures!