The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just realized with all my other posting I haven't posted any from Christmas!  I'm only a month late! :)  I really didn't take all that many pictures (I've GOT to get better!)  At the same time I think it's okay.  The reason is b/c I'm usually just caught up in enjoying the moments and I think that's a good reason...  With this new baby coming I'm very aware at how quickly this time goes by.  I keep thining about how hard those baby years are and then realize how fast it has also gone!  Ryan will be FOUR next month.  So ya, I'm okay with missing a few kodak moments as long as I'm making sure I'm enjoying every minute with or with out pictures!


Adorable aprons that Grandma Kerry made for all the girls!
Ryan excited about her new lady bug light and Lexi her new books!

The girls also got these hats from Grandma and Papa.  Ry's is a ladybug and Lexi LOVED playing baby bear!

I am also thrilled with how our new tradition of one want, one wear, one read, one share went.  They were both thrilled with their gifts and Lexi still goes, "mommy thank you for my one read gift."  It actually makes Christmas more fun!  Thank you Cristine for the finding the great idea on Pintrest!

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Cristine said...

Thanks for thanking me for my Pinterest addiction! hahahahaha Anya got the same set of Rainbow Fairy books! I LOVE that they both love those books! Oooohh... and tell Grandma Kerry that I want an apron, too! hahahaha