The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, April 6, 2012


I realized a few weeks ago I will have THREE children soon.  Yes my mom and mother-in-law both have 4 but somehow three seems like so many!  I only have 2 hands, there are 2 parents, etc.  I am SOOO excited to have baby David soon but also nervous about having enough attention to go around...  I'm also feeling a little like I'm "starting over."  Ryan is 4, potty trained, sleeping through the night and pretty self sufficient!  So I decided a last vacation with 2 kids was necessary this spring break.  Unfortunately, Travis has BRC (Best Ranger Competition) going on right now which means lots of busy long days so there was no way he was going to be able to get time off.  FORTUNATELY, I have a great friend who was more than willing to take a little mini-vacay with me!  So off we went to Atlanta for 3 days with me, Nic, Alexis, Ryan, and Dak.  It was a GREAT 3 days.  On day one we drove straight to the zoo. 

Ryan snuggling with the gorillas.
Hey look a monkey on the back of a monkey and Dak pretending to beat it! HAHA These kids are hilarious!
This was HILARIOUS!  Especially b/c Lex kept yelling mommy he's trying to get on that rock.  I tried to exlain it was another turtle with out going into too much detail.  Also you could HEAR the turtle grunting.  I kid you not!
LOVE this picture!
And this one.  Playing in the bamboo.
Enjoying some ice cream.
Up close and personal with the panda.
THey all loved the goats but Lexi took a special liking to this goat.
Lexi tried a rock wall for the first time.  She got pretty high for her first time! :)
Ry on the carasoul.
Our sweet baby birds. :)


Cristine said...

Don't worry... you just have to get through the first 5 months and then I will steal David! hahahaha :)

So glad you had a great time with Nic! Don't get me wrong, I am SUPER excited that we get to live together again but I am sad that you are moving away from Nic. Tell her to move to HI with us! :)

Love all the pics. The girls are growing up so fast and they get more beautiful each time I see them. Trav better get ready.... hahahahaha

The Grows said...

Looks like a great time. Why is every one thing to the zoo? I guess I better get there soon. I love the picture of Ryan on the carousel!!!! Oh, and thanks for showing the mating turtle picture. A rock, hahaha.