The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I am so blessed by such great friends.  I know I say that a lot but seriously I am blessed by the people I have met and the people I know and call my friends.  The girls planned a wonderful baby shower for me and I had a fantastic time celebrating the upcoming birth of baby David!  They were so sweet and did a "Monica's favorite things" theme.  Complete with pics of my fave people (and some other of my fave people that were there!) and some of my fave foods especially during this pregnancy (think Subway, Sonic, DP cupcakes, and Cristine's sugar cookies!) The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious, the gifts were way too generous, and the company was beyond fabulous!!!  Thank you to all those who helped and all those who came!  I am so grateful and even more excited to meet this new sweet baby boy!

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Cristine said...

So happy you have such great friends there!!!!!! Love you and SO excited for David to arrive!