The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, May 11, 2012


The girls have LOVED dance this year.  I really want them to get to try lots of different activities and figure out what they love but neither one of them has had anything but great things to say about dance! :)  THey actually have a dance recital tomorrow but they had the rehearsal tonight and that's the best time to get pictures so here they are!!  I hope to get a little video posted at some point. Both of them did really well and actually seemed to really know their dances!  I'm so proud of my girls and love watching them enjoy something so much!

Once again Lexi the poser!
Always have to have a silly face!
Sweet Ryan also is learning some posing!
And some silly faces!
Sweet sisters!
These girls and their Tucker!

So proud of Ryan
And Alexis of course! :)


Cristine said...

LOVE those beautiful girls!!!!! And Anya had the same costume as Ry for her dance recital last year! :)

The Grows said...

They are so dang cute. They make adorable ballerinas. Way to go Ryan and Alexis.